Mincraf 2 download

Since it was released on May 17, 2009, as a developmental alpha version Minecraft PC edition is about to hit 10,000,000 sales. This is the game that captured the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world, for the following reasons :

  • It’s endless of free-roaming game play.
  • It’s a RPG game
  • It has lots and lots crafting equipment like tools, weapons, potions, and many other stuff.
  • It has open lan for massive RPG playing.
  • Almost everything is destructible with the exception of the final bedrock layer.
  • There is too many things to keep you occupied, every second of the gameplay like Farming, mining, producing, building …

minecraft 2 download free    Now it is time for something even more supreme.  Mincraft 2 is here, based on the old engine of minecraft 1, minecraft 2 enhances, all the aspects of mincraft 1 with many additions, like Magic, animal fattening, new animals like diamond chickens that are very rare, new graphics and much more. I guess I’m not the only one when I say I just can wait to get my hand on minecraft 2 and try out this marvelous new features that mojang did. so there it is finally leaked minecraft 2 free to play : create servers, try out the new features like exploding livestock, super hostile mode, pink wither, flying sheep, and more. Just follow the easy install steps, and enjoy minecraft 2 which is free to play, to create servers, log on with your friends and have lots of endless fun.



  1. First extract minecraft.rar.


  1. Open the folder Minecraft >> MinecraftSP_v12_2 >> Windows


  1. Copy MinecraftSP.exe to desktop or another folder


  1. Double click MinecraftSP.exe


  1. Type your username and click force update


  1. Wait for it to finish and enjoy .


New features that are introduced to minecraft 2 :


  • Super Hostile game mode, for a much more challenging Survival experience. (Recommended only for more than 3 players )
  • new graphics setting “Ultra Realistic” with new patent-pending experimental 4D-rendering.


  • Animals fatten now and explode if you feed them too much


  • Added pink wither which heals the nearby land and causes things to grow faster.


  • Animals fed with golden apple will unleash their hidden magical properities.


  • Chickens are now classified as a Monster, and can attack you when they see you


  • Added new Redstone Bug monster


  • Furnaces have a new “heat” mechanic.


This is for all of you fans out there who just can’t wait to get your hands on minecraft 2 for free, so there you go download it from the link above. However this is leaked version of the game so there might be some changes in the final version, but it is complete with all the new features. It is endless hours of ultimate fun with your friends try it out if you like it please subscribe .

Rest assured, the file is malware free!

Download Minecraft 2 FULL


GTA V Full Game Download

Grand theft auto V is the last game I expected to get leaked so early on, but what a surprise this is for all of us! To download gta 5 free for PC this early on means this summer someone’s going to stay home and play. I’m so thrilled even when I write this post about this gta 5 download. I present you the gta 5 free download full version for PC! And I’m not talking about any gta 5 demo or beta here. It’s GTA 5 Leaked totally full and playable version! The release date was intentionally picked by Rockstar after the summer, although they had the GTA V full version already developed in their labs, probably because they wanted to make a better impact in the fall, when everyone is back from holidays and can start playing games again.Whatever the case, I’m still very surprised and excited as well to actually present this wonderful share to you guys. Everyone can download GTA 5 for free through our link down below this blog post. If you’re too eager to start downloading gta 5 and play the full pc version for free, you can skip reading this part and go straight to the gta 5 download link below. Or if you would like to read my mini review on the game, please be my guest and hear my first impressions of this gta 5 leaked version.

GTA 5 Leaked

play_grand_theft_auto_5_freeAfter I’ve leaked this gta 5 free download, it’s our right to lay out my personal opinion on the game. I’m still at mission 5 playing with Michael, but I think I’ve seen enough to say how the world looks like in the full version. I have to say that every physic and every mechanical action you are about to experience in GTA 5 is much much developed from the previous GTA IV serial. The landscapes are just phenomenal, they include beaches, mountains, forests and again military bases. The sea floor can now be totally explored by diving in it unlike the previous series.

The new features of this GTA 5 download include:

  • Unmatched 3d world with incredible physics
  • Player is free to swap between three characters and explore freely the world
  • HUGE number of cars and vehicles to drive
  • Slowing down time feature while in action, something which similar to Max Payne

gta_5_for_pcThe game begins with the first character, Michael who’s a retired bank robber and lives an high class society life. Trevor is the second guy and he’s a partner of Michael. He lives in a trailer and you can imagine what goes on in his mind. And the third one is Franklin, who works as a car dealer. Gameplay is unmatched. There’s also a great multiplayer and guess what a, nice cooperative set of missions much better than the previous gta IV. This GTA 5 Download free full game can also be used to be played multiplayer with your buddies. There are also coop missions in this multi when in free mode too.

Here feel free to browse this image gallery and make sure GTA V looks like nothing you’ve seen before:

GTA 5 Download:

I’m sure you probably were wondering how to download gta 5 for free by now. To download gta 5 for free all you have to do is:

  1. Click the GTA 5 Download button below
  2. Save the free GTA 5 downloader file on your desktop
  3. Unrar the GTA5Downloader.rar file using an extracting software like WinRAR
  4. Double click the file to download the GTA 5 full version for free
  5. Wait for the download to finish and a huge iso file will be downloaded
  6. Mount the iso with a program like daemon tools
  7. Install the game according to the instructions inside the NFO file
  8. Play GTA 5 Full for free

Warning: This is no GTA 5 Demo! It is a Full Version of Gta 5 for PC. We are proud to be able to share first this leaked gta 5 for you. When the game gets out, we urge you to buy it and support it’s developers. Still Gta V is a great game and we’d love to see more from rockstar. Cheers!

Do NOT share our files as your own! We’ll be on to you if you share this GTA 5 Full Download on your website!

As always, our proof that the file is totally virus free!

Download GTA V  FULL


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FIFA 13 Keygen Serial

This keygen for FIFA 13 is the only keygen that works online on origin. Behlod! If you came here looking here for a regular fifa 13 keygenerator, this is probably an overkill for you! Let me explain why is this key generator much better than those of all the other hacker groups like reloaded and skidrow. Regular keygens were the trend of the time when games were played mostly locally in LAN multiplayer and single campaigns. A single crack and keygen was necessary to play the game without buying it. But today’s game companies got smart and used the necessity of the internet to their advantage. They still don’t protect their games well for cracks on single campaigns, but when you try to play it online they will realize that you do not own a legal copy of their fifa 13 game for example and you’ve used a cracked version or a keygen to generate a valid cd key for fifa 13. To pass through this check in their database hacker groups must have some knowledge about the inside servers on game companies, like Origin or Steam for example. So there are only a very few who could do that: get that info and compile a working keygen for fifa 13 for example.

FIFA 13 CD Key

Fifa 13 Keygen

Fifa 13 Keygen

A CD key for FIFA 13 had to be obtained first to crack the algo in their database. The source has shared with us some unique information without which, this fifa 13 keygen wouldn’t be possible. It was necessary to create a few accounts with a working fifa 13 cd key first in order to get to the correct memory bank which holds the cd key checker in fifa 13. It was a painful process, an initial investment has been made, but finally it was worth it. Now all these cd keys which were used in the process will be integrated into the keygen so expect to see already opened accounts in some of the keys. It doesn’t really matter, because all of them work flawlessly. The fifa 13 cd key is generated in a unique way and communicated with the fifa 13 origin server so when you login into your origin account to play fifa 13, you will be logged in as a paying member and be proud to own fifa 13 cd key.


  1. Download Fifa 13 Keygen
  2. Open it and generate a cd key for Fifa 13
  3. Play online on Origin for free

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This Resident Evil 6 keygen was actually compiled by one of our friend coder which we thought was pretty stoopid 😛 When he came up with it first, we were all amazed. RoggieX wrote the code snippet in VB6.0 that made the calculation routine for the valid Resident Evil 6 CD Keys. At first i wasn’t sure why would he substract 0x0E with 0x0G, when he showed his solution, I thought his stupidity level must have risen, lol. I’ve used the exactly same formula in C++ and edited the necessary HEX code, and boom it worked! We quickly rushed to publish this for you guys, so you can get your fully working Resident Evil 6 CD Key as soon as possible, so here we go.

Resident Evil 6 Keygen

Resident Evil 6 Keygen

Resident Evil 6 also known as biohazard 6 is the latest game published by Capcom. It’s unique genre called survival horror. It’s played by four characters, Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Ada Wong and Jake Muller. They are put togother to stop the bio-terrorist attack with their newly developed C-virus in cities throughout the planet. The gameplay let’s you select three different storylines and play with one of the three main characters. They each have their own scenario. And you can also play it online in multipleyr in coop believe it or not! Yes, you heard right. Resident evil 6 in coop online mulitplayer, and you can play resident evil 6 on steam by generating a cdkey with our resident evil 6 keygen. The gameplay is something like left4dead. If players get killed they can be revived by other players, so teamplay is pretty much the essence here!

Resident Evil 6 CD Key

You can go ahead and see the video below to see how our keygen for resident evil 6 works. It’s no different than any other normal keygen, so you should manage to install the game. Remember, resident evil 6 has to be installed without crack in order for this to work! If you’ve copied the crack over and didn’t backup your original exe file, you have to re-install the resident evil 6 all over again. Just put your image of resident evil 6 and install it using a cd key generated by our keygen. It should install like an original game.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Resident Evil 6 Keygen Download

2. Open and generate a valid steam cd key number for Resident Evil 6

3. Start shooting zombies!


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We have to say it wasn’t hard to rip off the encryption for this Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 keygen. The process of decoding the correct matching values was pretty straightforward itself. Seems like City Interactive didn’t even tried to mask the code which generates the memory addresses which hold the necessary data. Does it mean Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a cheap production? No, it certainly doesn’t point that. It simply means they didn’t care much if their cd keys gets generated. Of course this doesn’t mean that this Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 CD Key generator is not going to get caught up by them either, so use it as soon as possible.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Keygen

Keygenerator in Action


Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 was supposed to be released in August 2012, but they postponed it several times until they published the latest date. However, some first leaked beta version already came up online, and it seems like it’s the actual game. It’s again a first-person shooter game, but more stealth play than others like the Crysis 3 Keygen that came up lately. It includes a great multiplayer in which players engage in a sniping duel tactics. The only drawback is that the storyline seems to be developing in Sarajevo, which is kind of a depleted theme, but nevertheless the physics and graphics in the game are surprising. Thanks to sniper ghost warrior 2, the branch of sniper duels is resurrected in the game industry. Have fun using our Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Keygen, and use it fast to get what you deserve. Remember: try before you buy!

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Keygen Download

2. Open and generate a valid serial number for Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

3. Aim Headshots on your  free Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 ! 🙂


Look at the demo video to see how it’s done.



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Crysis 3 Keygen


You can now generate Crysis 3 cd key by our newest Crysis 3 key generator. Crysis 3 was long awaited, fans literally cried at crytek for the upcoming release. Well finally it’s out and here to stay. You can probably find it for a download throughout the internet, torrents and forums, I don’t need to tell you that 🙂 We provide you this crysis 3 keygen just about on time! There isn’t a crysis 3 cd key which can enable you to play the game online in multiplayer. With our cd keys generated by this key generator you can play it online as if it’s an original. 100% valid serial numbers are generated. We’ve done this with many game releases and from previous experiences we must warn you that the keys can get blacklisted after this keygen gets popular. Game companies hunt these down, crack the generator’s algorithm and blacklist all the keys that it generates. That’s why our recommendation is to act fast or get an outdated key. By the way, all those who generated a cd key before they got blacklisted are playing the game happily ever after. To get your crysis 3 keygen simply follow the instructions below to download and install it right.

Crysis 3 CD Key Generator

Crysis 3 CD Key Generator

We made this keygen for Crysis 3 with blood and sweat, so please try to stay loyal and support us. Do not download it from other websites, they are most probably fakes and don’t offer the real thing. We, on the other hand, are skilled programmers and well known for our work in the gaming scene. We are quite aware how hard it is to crack the code and create a working key generator for crysis 3 because we did it for this one. We have inside info from invaluable sources who provide us leaks and this is why we are 100% sure that nobody else has this keygen for crysis 3. Or if they have downloaded it from here and are redistributing it without our permission, be sure that they have added some kind of malicious code to it. Generate a Crysis 3 cd key without getting burn, by downloading our one and true keygen for Crysis 3. Have fun shootin, cheers!

Steps to get a working crysis 3 cd key:

1. Download the keygen from here

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3. Play Crysis 3 for free


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Dead Space 3 Keygen is really hard to find, due to the nature of the lock on the game itself. It certainly was a challenge to work on the Dead Space 3 cd key generator, and thus we came a little late on it. Although there are much bigger names to work on this period, like the DmC Devil May Cry 3 Keygen, we’ve decided not to let you guys down on this one. Dead Space 3 seems like a decent FPS game, the coop of it is remarkable and the story-line is really pulling you in the game. Played it with a buddy of mine(we must have some fun too, right?) and we decided that it’s one of the top games to come up in 2013 so far. Let’s hope they’ll keep it up with the Dead Space Serial. You can find the instructions below on how to use the Dead Space Keygen:

1. Download the Dead Space 3 key generator

2. Open it and click on Get Code to get your full valid serial key for Dead Space 3

3. You can now play coop with your buddies ! 🙂

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Download Dead Space 3 Serial Generator

As you may already know Far Cry 3 was released on 4th of December 2012, but the first leaked versions by Reloaded and Skidrow started floating earlier through the net. However  none of them still has a working keygen. This is the only Far Cry 3 Keygen which can enable your Far Cry 3 copy to be played online multiplayer and have the full experience of the game. We have the keygenerator algorithm leaked directly from Ubis0ft, but there is a limited time to generate valid cd keys as Ubis0ft will probably catch upon this far cry 3 keygen if they find out about it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably lucky enough to still get the working far cry 3 keygen.

Far Cry 3 Keygen

Latest Version of our Far Cry 3 Keygen

UPDATE: It’s been some time since we were providing this Far Cry 3 Keygen in beta version. Our first visitors who downloaded it are still playing with their valid cd keys for far cry 3.  Ubis0ft works very actively and hunts down these keygens very fast and blacklists our generated cd keys/serial numbers for far cry 3. This is why we have to keep updating our code. This time you can download the most recent version of our Far Cry 3 Keygen. Just continue with your support and we will provide new keygens for the most upcoming game releases. This far cry 3 keygen is one of the proudest artwork. We’ve barely pulled it out with it’s coding, but we did it on time! Our coders were about to give up when they finally cracked the algorithm of one valid far cry 3 cd key. We had to buy a bunch of new copies of far cry 3 so we can compare if the formula of the generator really works. We located the array in the memory, but still it was so badly encoded that we had to have real cd keys for far cry 3 in order to code our keygen. With this latest update you can rest assured that you will have a lifetime copy of far cry 3 for you and your family! Just please do not abuse it. Do not sell it or redistribute it without our conformation first. We’ve invested in making this keygen for far cry 3 so please try to support us. If you like the game and can afford it, buying it is the most logical thing to do. Far cry 3 is such a great game and I think ubis0ft deserves it. Our keygen is made only for those who like to try it before deciding whether they need to buy it later, so use it wisely.


1. Download the keygen below

2. Open it and click generate a few times to get a valid serial key for Far Cry 3

3. Enjoy your free Far Cry 3 copy ! 🙂

You may need to download WinRar to extract the RAR archive.



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Download Far Cry 3 Keygenerator

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You can Download Far Cry 3 Full from our website.

DmV: Devil May Cry CD Key is easy to obtain with our keygen. DmC is officially set to come up on 25th January for PC, but some leaked pre-releases are already floating around. Our Keygenerator for DmC: Devil May Cry is using freshly made and works very will. DmC: Devil may Cry is set on a totally different reality from the original Devil May Cry series. Dante is in another wold, living a life of a real rock star until he’s challenged by a demon horde. The gameplay is unlike anything the previous serials offer. With our DmC: Devil May Cry Keygen you will be able to control the fate of dante trying to get through into a world of evil hatered. To get your DmC: Devil May Cry Serial all you have to do it generate a few cd-keys and try them out in your DmC copy you’ve downloaded (I bet you’ll find that by yourself 🙂 ). Or you can follow the easy instructions in the video about the keygen below.

Simple Instructions:

1. Download the keygen

2. Open it and click generate a few times to get a valid cd key for DmC: Devil May cry

3. Enjoy your free DmC: Devil May Cry copy !

DmC Devil May Cry CD Key

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Our Darkfall: Unholy Wars code generator can provide you a chance to play Darkfall for completely free. Your serial key will be unique and you can play the game as if you bought it as an original. Darkfall: Unholy Wars is an online MMORPG with a lot of new adventures to endure. Since it’s being played online the game does get changed constantly. We strive to keep our keygen updated regularly with the latest algorithm so you can have your valid Darkfall access code and play it online for free. Just download the client from the main site, and when it asks for access code use our keygen to generate the serial and enter it into your darkfall access code field. Have fun playing for free! 🙂


1. Download the keygen

2. Extract it by using the few steps inside

3. Enjoy your totally free Darkfall: Unholy Wars !

DarkFall Keygen


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