Who We Are?

Who We Are

We’re a brand new crew in the game, but highly experienced nevertheless, looking to prove our ingeniousness to the world. We remember the times when we were kids and how we got excited about games like doom, wolf3d, hero quest.. We were occupying those phone lines to download some lousy Megabytes through our modem lines for hours. We would’ve get annoyed when your parents pickups up the phone in the middle of it and screams at you: “Are you downloading those stupid games again, I told you our bills are high, stop it!”.

The internet has changed so much in the past years, and instead of breaking the obstacles to our free knowledge and information by using new, better technology, we create more of them ourselves. This is what drives us and gives us motivation to make a better world, a world where you can find every kind of information for free, being it ebook, software or a game without any hassle. We’re about to set some new standards on the scene, expect us!