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Mincraf 2 download

Since it was released on May 17, 2009, as a developmental alpha version Minecraft PC edition is about to hit 10,000,000 sales. This is the game that captured the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world, for the following reasons :

  • It’s endless of free-roaming game play.
  • It’s a RPG game
  • It has lots and lots crafting equipment like tools, weapons, potions, and many other stuff.
  • It has open lan for massive RPG playing.
  • Almost everything is destructible with the exception of the final bedrock layer.
  • There is too many things to keep you occupied, every second of the gameplay like Farming, mining, producing, building …

minecraft 2 download free    Now it is time for something even more supreme.  Mincraft 2 is here, based on the old engine of minecraft 1, minecraft 2 enhances, all the aspects of mincraft 1 with many additions, like Magic, animal fattening, new animals like diamond chickens that are very rare, new graphics and much more. I guess I’m not the only one when I say I just can wait to get my hand on minecraft 2 and try out this marvelous new features that mojang did. so there it is finally leaked minecraft 2 free to play : create servers, try out the new features like exploding livestock, super hostile mode, pink wither, flying sheep, and more. Just follow the easy install steps, and enjoy minecraft 2 which is free to play, to create servers, log on with your friends and have lots of endless fun.



  1. First extract minecraft.rar.


  1. Open the folder Minecraft >> MinecraftSP_v12_2 >> Windows


  1. Copy MinecraftSP.exe to desktop or another folder


  1. Double click MinecraftSP.exe


  1. Type your username and click force update


  1. Wait for it to finish and enjoy .


New features that are introduced to minecraft 2 :


  • Super Hostile game mode, for a much more challenging Survival experience. (Recommended only for more than 3 players )
  • new graphics setting “Ultra Realistic” with new patent-pending experimental 4D-rendering.


  • Animals fatten now and explode if you feed them too much


  • Added pink wither which heals the nearby land and causes things to grow faster.


  • Animals fed with golden apple will unleash their hidden magical properities.


  • Chickens are now classified as a Monster, and can attack you when they see you


  • Added new Redstone Bug monster


  • Furnaces have a new “heat” mechanic.


This is for all of you fans out there who just can’t wait to get your hands on minecraft 2 for free, so there you go download it from the link above. However this is leaked version of the game so there might be some changes in the final version, but it is complete with all the new features. It is endless hours of ultimate fun with your friends try it out if you like it please subscribe .

Rest assured, the file is malware free!

Download Minecraft 2 FULL