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GTA V Full Game Download

Grand theft auto V is the last game I expected to get leaked so early on, but what a surprise this is for all of us! To download gta 5 free for PC this early on means this summer someone’s going to stay home and play. I’m so thrilled even when I write this post about this gta 5 download. I present you the gta 5 free download full version for PC! And I’m not talking about any gta 5 demo or beta here. It’s GTA 5 Leaked totally full and playable version! The release date was intentionally picked by Rockstar after the summer, although they had the GTA V full version already developed in their labs, probably because they wanted to make a better impact in the fall, when everyone is back from holidays and can start playing games again.Whatever the case, I’m still very surprised and excited as well to actually present this wonderful share to you guys. Everyone can download GTA 5 for free through our link down below this blog post. If you’re too eager to start downloading gta 5 and play the full pc version for free, you can skip reading this part and go straight to the gta 5 download link below. Or if you would like to read my mini review on the game, please be my guest and hear my first impressions of this gta 5 leaked version.

GTA 5 Leaked

play_grand_theft_auto_5_freeAfter I’ve leaked this gta 5 free download, it’s our right to lay out my personal opinion on the game. I’m still at mission 5 playing with Michael, but I think I’ve seen enough to say how the world looks like in the full version. I have to say that every physic and every mechanical action you are about to experience in GTA 5 is much much developed from the previous GTA IV serial. The landscapes are just phenomenal, they include beaches, mountains, forests and again military bases. The sea floor can now be totally explored by diving in it unlike the previous series.

The new features of this GTA 5 download include:

  • Unmatched 3d world with incredible physics
  • Player is free to swap between three characters and explore freely the world
  • HUGE number of cars and vehicles to drive
  • Slowing down time feature while in action, something which similar to Max Payne

gta_5_for_pcThe game begins with the first character, Michael who’s a retired bank robber and lives an high class society life. Trevor is the second guy and he’s a partner of Michael. He lives in a trailer and you can imagine what goes on in his mind. And the third one is Franklin, who works as a car dealer. Gameplay is unmatched. There’s also a great multiplayer and guess what a, nice cooperative set of missions much better than the previous gta IV. This GTA 5 Download free full game can also be used to be played multiplayer with your buddies. There are also coop missions in this multi when in free mode too.

Here feel free to browse this image gallery and make sure GTA V looks like nothing you’ve seen before:

GTA 5 Download:

I’m sure you probably were wondering how to download gta 5 for free by now. To download gta 5 for free all you have to do is:

  1. Click the GTA 5 Download button below
  2. Save the free GTA 5 downloader file on your desktop
  3. Unrar the GTA5Downloader.rar file using an extracting software like WinRAR
  4. Double click the file to download the GTA 5 full version for free
  5. Wait for the download to finish and a huge iso file will be downloaded
  6. Mount the iso with a program like daemon tools
  7. Install the game according to the instructions inside the NFO file
  8. Play GTA 5 Full for free

Warning: This is no GTA 5 Demo! It is a Full Version of Gta 5 for PC. We are proud to be able to share first this leaked gta 5 for you. When the game gets out, we urge you to buy it and support it’s developers. Still Gta V is a great game and we’d love to see more from rockstar. Cheers!

Do NOT share our files as your own! We’ll be on to you if you share this GTA 5 Full Download on your website!

As always, our proof that the file is totally virus free!

Download GTA V  FULL


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